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How to dress in Oman

How to dress in Oman Oman is an Arab country known for not being as conservative or strict compared to some of its neighbours. However, that doesn’t mean that [...]

Taking a luxury holiday in Oman

Taking a luxury holiday in Oman The country of Oman has much to offer its many tourists throughout the year. Thanks to a hot climate that provides year-round sunshine [...]

Oman Unesco Heritage Sites

OMAN UNESCO HERITAGE SITES The Arab country of Oman has a long and colourful history. This history and culture have led to UNESCO deeming several sites in the country [...]

Best Hotels In Oman

BEST HOTELS IN OMAN Sea, mountains, beaches, deserts, oasis, canyons – nature was generous to Oman, placing astonishing landscapes on the surface of this piece of land in the [...]

10 Reasons To Visit Oman

10 REASONS TO VISIT OMAN Mountains, beaches, and desert: a combination that makes the Sultanate of Oman one of the tendencies of tourism in the last few years. [...]

5 Things To Do In Muscat

5 THINGS TO DO IN MUSCAT Muscat is the main entry point for those who wish to visit the sultanate of Oman. It is situated along the coast [...]