Oman Evisa for UK citizens

Within the last decade, Oman has truly been opening its borders to the world and has spent much time and resources into improving its thriving tourist economy. However, there are still strict entry requirement for Oman, especially with regards to paperwork and visas.
A short time ago you had to apply for a paper visa and send off the necessary documents before your travel to Oman. In order to streamline this process, especially for countries that make up a large portion of their outside visitors, the government of Oman has rolled out the online based E-visa, as a way for people to quickly and securely submit their application and pay for it accordingly. But what exactly is the E-visa, how can you get it and what limitations are in place? Luckily we can answer most of those questions now.

Oman Evisa | Oman Tourist & Business Visa Online Application

What is the Oman E-visa?

A visa, in general terms, is an official document allowing passage into a country for a specified period of time. In regards to Oman, you traditionally would have had to fill out the forms, at the airport of Muscat upon arrival to Oman and then be granted permission to enter, if they were accepted. In March, this method of supplying Visas was cancelled and the online E-visa was released in its place. Now anyone from over 70 eligible countries simple has to go to the relevant website online, fill out the online document and pay there and then. Thus cutting times down in the airport and removing the uncertainty that you would not be allowed entry upon arrival in the country.

Where do you get one?

As the name suggests, the E-visa is an electronic visa. This means almost no paperwork and the entire application is done from your computer screen with minimal fuss. This cuts down your waiting times at the airport, removes the uncertainty that you may not be accepted upon arrival and ensures that all of the required information is with the Omani officials before you even board the plane. If you wish to apply for the Oman E-visa you can apply here.

What are the restrictions?

Now, this wouldn’t be a paperwork application without a few good old limitations and restrictions to the process. Don’t worry too much though. Travelling from the UK there are relatively few major restrictions to your application that would concern or worry you. But you should definitely be aware of them just in case. These restrictions include:

  • Your stay in Oman MUST be no more than 30 days. Unless you are planning a countrywide tour this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • You must make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months before your arrival in Oman. Note that this is before arrival and not upon application. However, this is slightly cancelled out by our next point…
  • Your application must have been accepted no longer than 6 months BEFORE your visit. Make sure you check the dates on your application and when you are travelling to avoid any issues.
  • You MUST have and must be able to provide proof of on arrival, your return flights or travel documents as well as information about your accommodation.

A few extra points to remember as well; be very wary about travelling with medication, prescribed or otherwise as drugs are very heavily controlled in Oman. Something that you travel with openly in the UK may land you in trouble in Oman. Check-in with the Oman Ministry of Health well ahead in advance to make sure.

You should receive your accepted E-visa in your Email inbox within 24 hours after it being accepted, so make sure to check your spam box as well, just to make sure it didn’t end up in there.

Finally, and this applies to everyone, not just UK citizens; even if you are accepted fully for an Oman E-visa, the person who has the final say on your entry into the country is the Oman police officer at the port at which you enter the country. If they feel there is no reason to allow you entry then they can and will deny you. So don’t give them a reason to do so. Have all of your documents ready and answer any and all questions promptly and truthfully. Most of them will just be a formality so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about but always best to err on the side of caution.

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